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Progress bar over icon in dock.

Hai guys! Use your app heaps for my company, anywho, I was just sending a file and wanted to check on the progress, so I pulled up the Dock (Mac) and noticed no progress bar over the Digi Pidge icon. When I am sending large files, I minimise the app and get back to the million other things that are late. So was wondering, is there a way to have a visual representation of current sending progress without having to open the app? If there is and I have missed it (highly likely) apologies. If not, thought it might be cool to have a progress bar that sits over the top of the icon in the dock, so a quick look at the dock let's me know how my rad uploads are going. It could be bread crumbs. Because. Pigeon... I'll show myself out. Love your work. Cheers.

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