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License agreement annotation/overlay (photographers)

A problem that many photographers face, is clients sharing pictures to third parties. Those third parties often don't have a user license and think they can use pictures freely. Even if you put copyright/license info on all your quotes and invoices. This also counts for other content creators.
It ends up in copyright breach a lot of times...

So it's time to create awereness!

To avoid the kind of issues described above, it would be perfect for photographers if there can be an overlay annotation above the download button.

The overlay could say something like: "Hi! The files in this download are created for Client X. Client X is granted a user license for these files. Third parties are not included in this agreement. Third parties that wish to use the files can obtain a user license with <company name> directly. Thank you."

A user has to check 'I agree' first, after which the overlay closes and the download button becomes available.

The text should be customizable and the tool should be optional.

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  • Dave Cooley commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes this is great, with audio I have the same issue, where clients should press "I agree to the company's standard TOS before reviewing these files" or something along those lines. Even if it's not binding it is a nice reminder.

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