Forwarding multiple Files

You can forward individual or multiple files in an existing upload by following the steps below:
  • View the upload containing the files
  • Select each of the files you want to forward using the checkbox available for each file. For large preview and file list modes these are available near the file name. For gallery and contact sheet views the checkbox will appear when hovering over each file.
  • Upon selecting the files a set of bulk operations will appear at the top of the area displaying the files
  • Choose the bulk operations for "Forward selected files" or "Share selected files" if you want to create a "Send" or "Share" respectively. These options are to the right of the trash can icon. Upon hovering over each icon you will be presented with a tooltip stating the operation of each icon.
  • When the operation is clicked a new "Send" or "Share" will be created and the selected files will be copied over to the new upload. You are then able to add recipients and complete the process.

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