Upload and download errors

Note: remember that we have a desktop app and a great web app. If the desktop app isn't working, give the web app a try using your favourite web browser. 

Upload errors are reasonably 'normal' (for example your wifi could drop out for a short period). In these scenarios the Digital Pigeon app will retry the upload or download after a few minutes showing "Error - retrying in 5 minutes..." before reattempting.  You can click the resume button to instruct the app to try again straight away.

In the event of more serious upload errors, where the app can't complete the upload or download even after a re-attempt, the following scenarios should considered.


The upload bar progresses for a while before showing an upload error (even after retrying). 
  1. Check that the files have not been modified since the upload started (see 'Modified files' below).
  2. Check that your network is operating normally. Try restarting your computer and network gear (see 'Connectivity issues' below). 
The upload bar shows an error almost immediately.
  1. Check that the Digital Pigeon app has permissions to access the files you're trying to upload (see 'File permissions' below).
  2. Check that the files have not been removed or moved since adding the file to the Digital Pigeon app.
  3. Check that your network is operating normally. Try restarting your computer and network gear (see 'Connectivity issues' below). 
The progress bar shows "NaN". This seems to indicate that your web browser has encountered an error (NaN means 'Not a Number').
  1. Try restarting your web browser.
  2. Try a different web browser for example Firefox or Chrome.
  3. Try our desktop app.

File permissions

Annoyingly web browsers allow you to select files that the Digital Pigeon app doesn't have permissions to read. This seems to occur most frequently when selecting files from a shared network or external drive. If you're seeing upload errors almost immediately (with no upload progress) it's likely it's a permissions problem.

To work around this try copying the files from your network drive to your desktop and then selecting the files from desktop for the upload.

Modified files

If a file is modified while Digital Pigeon is trying to upload it you'll see the error message and a red progress bar next to the file that failed. To resolve this issue use the 'Add files' button and select the files that has been modified and choose the choose 'Replace' when asked what to do with the duplicate file.

Network and connectivity issues

Uploading files requires a good quality stable internet connection. We usually find that the most common cause of upload and download errors are related to network and internet connectivity issues. Unfortunately in 99.9% of cases these issues are related to your internet connection or internet service provider. However theres a few things you can try;
  1. restart your computer, as cliched as it sounds this fixes odd network issues a lot of the time.
  2. restart your internet modem/router.
  3. these problems are often the result of a temporary network issue somewhere between your computer and servers, try waiting a few while before re-attempting the transfer.
  4. if the issues persistent contact your Internet Service Provider to check if they are aware of any issues. If you're using a 'DSL' connection (which usually runs on antiquated copper lines) ask your ISP for a 'line check'.

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