BYO domain setup

The BYO domain functionality requires a bit of technical know how on your end (to generate and purchase your SSL certificate) and some manual configuration on our end. It takes about two weeks to organise once we receive a valid SSL certificate bundle.

The prerequisites are;
  • A DNS CNAME record from your desired domain (e.g. '') pointing to ''.
  • A valid SSL certificate bundle in the OpenSSL X509 format (usually the default) for your desired domain name (e.g. ''). I'd recommend a basic SSL certificate from RapidSSL (
Note that the SSL certificate bundle should contain three files (your primary certificate, intermediate certificate and your key).

Once you have received your certificate bundle securely send it through to via Digital Pigeon. We'll get back to you once everything is setup.

Your IT support staff should be able to assist you with the SSL certificate bundle. If you or they need any assistance with the above please get in touch.

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