How do I change email server settings

This functionality can be found in 'Manage > Email' of the site and it allows you to populate details to send recipient emails through your own email server. 

Adding these details will reduce cases where mails servers will incorrectly detect mail sent by us being received as spam.

We send an email to you using these settings before saving any values entered. This is just a safety measure to ensure to ensure email connectivity before switching over your account.

What will change

When using Digital Pigeon default email functionality your recipients will see the following when they receive an email from one of your uploads.
  • from: Your name <>
  • reply-to: Your name <>
  • to: Recipient name <>
After adding your own settings the emails will be sent through your mail server and will have the following details.
  • from: Your name <configured_from_address> (e.g.
  • reply-to: Your name <>
  • to: Recipient name <>

Where do I get these values

If you don't know the values to enter in the fields contact your IT department or your internet service provider for the details. The fields contain example values that follow the typical format.

Recommendations for setup

We recommend that you set up a specific user on your email server that is only used for Digital Pigeon e.g. This allows you to differentiate between traffic that you send and traffic that Digital Pigeon sends through your server. It also means that any password changes are only necessary if you want to update Digital Pigeon connectivity.

Common connection issues

The following issues may be reported after attempting to save the values entered. 
  • Authentication errors: Check the username or password here for the correct value
  • Mail connection errors: Check the server name and port. Please check with your IT administrator or internet service provider to ensure that these details are correct.
  • Other errors: Please contact if you encounter any other error messages being printed to the screen.
If you are using an Exchange Server support will have to specifically be enabled by an IT admin. This is not a default feature for Exchange, but it can be enabled.

Additional Resources

  • Google apps and Gmail using 2-step verification:
  • Microsoft Office 365: Look for the information about smtp for details here
  • iCloud settings and setup: For general settings refer to We do recommend setting up an app specific password for your account in this case. This will prevent you from needing to change your main iCloud password if you want to change Digital Pigeon's access. For details on how to do this please see:

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