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  1. Archived vs Expired uploads

  2. BYO domain setup

  3. Change a users role and permissions

  4. Dates are being displayed in the wrong format. How do I change it?

  5. Does Digital Pigeon keep copies of my files?

  6. Downloading files and folder permissions

  7. Downloads - understanding usage

  8. Emails ending up in "Updates" or "Promotional" in Gmail.

  9. How are my files secured?

  10. How do I access the desktop app log files

  11. How do I cancel my subscription?

  12. How do I change email server settings

  13. How do I change my email address?

  14. How do I change my password?

  15. How do I change when my files expire?

  16. How do I delete a user

  17. How do I log in?

  18. How do I quickly clear storage?

  19. How do I receive files from a 3rd party?

  20. How do I reorder files?

  21. How do I save and download invoices to PDF

  22. How do I send received files?

  23. How do I share received files?

  24. How do I turn on and off previews for files I've sent?

  25. How do I update a Credit Card

  26. How do I view all uploads for my Account

  27. If I pause an upload or download does it resume from where it left off?

  28. Previews are not being generated for my files?

  29. Storage usage is incorrect after deleting files. How do I fix it?

  30. The Digital Pigeon desktop app has become unstable, how do I fix it?

  31. The Digital Pigeon referral system

  32. The recipient didn't receive my files. What should I do?

  33. There's a line through a recipients email address, what's going on?

  34. Upload and download errors

  35. Uploading folders

  36. Video & Audio previews fail to show on the download page

  37. Video and audio previews not showing in Windows app.

  38. What does 'Remote upload' mean?

  39. What happens to my files when they are archived?

  40. What's the maximum file upload size?

  41. Why are my uploads and downloads being queued?

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